he Honourable Society of Knights of the Round Table was formed in 1720 by a group of actors, artists and literary friends, who were concerned that the ideals of chivalry, associated with King Arthur, were almost forgotten by their generation. How to right that deficiency is a challenge, which members of this Society, in ever changing times, have endeavoured to address ever since. Among its present activities, it offers exciting opportunities to young people and awards grants to those who have made an exceptional start to their careers.

Suffice it to say that The Society survived through the years, with periods of decline and other times when it flourished. Within the past sixty years, since World War II, it has set its principal location in London at The Naval & Military Club (at that time “The In and Out Club” in Piccadilly), the Athenaeum Club and, more recently, at The Lansdowne Club just off Berkeley Square.
indicator The perpetuation of the name and fame of Arthur, King of Britain and the Ideals for which he stood.
indicator The promotion of Knightly good fellowship and International Understanding.
indicator The encouragement and promotion of young people, of all nationalities, in their development, cultural achievements and careers.
indicator The promotion of Godly belief and understanding
The Benevolent Fund of the Society is a registered Charity (No. 212217)
The Honourable Society of Knights of the Round Table is a company limited by guarantee (no.829635)